Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Now this looks like a happy crew! Well in this case looks are NOT deceiving. Looking at this picture puts a smile on my face. Especially since we will be spending Thanksgiving  together and I can expect it to be a festive and loving experience.

I have sadness thinking of who will not be there, my son Dan is in San Diego and I miss him. My father and step mom are in Texas with my sister, Linda. It never feels complete during the holidays without them.

What do you expect your holidays to be this year? Family gatherings can be a very mixed bag with weddings, new babies, divorces, illnesses, deaths and conflict. One of the secrets to dynamic health are fulfilling relationships. It is part of Nutrition for the soul, as John Maxwell, a prominent motivational speaker recently said on a podcast.  I feel so grateful to have these people in my life and I realize this year that being in gratitude enhances those relationships. In addition,  I love the fact that I have a business that I am a part of so many of your lives. The fact that you share your concerns and that I can help with tools that have changed the trajectory of my health and life.

So in the spirit of gratitude I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and Healthy Holiday season!

Today I’d like to say how grateful I am to have each of you in my life!


do what you love

Be sure to take advantage of these special holiday offers! Here are some of my favorite holiday savers:

  1. Stress Relief Complex: With holiday celebrations comes stress, high cortisol levels and weight gain. Sometimes we can’t avoid the stress but can avoid the damage with this product. As one client said: “It worked so quickly, I felt lighter and clearer.” Take one or 2 daily.
  1. Nutriferon: With everyone coughing and door knobs with germs in them, taking Nutriferon puts your immune system on the alert. One client had a cold coming on, aches and pains, runny nose. He took 2 and then 2 more, 2 hours later, rested that evening and his cold was gone!
  1. Vitalized Immunity is amazing since it is like drinking 16 oranges. It knocks that cold right out! One client says how she enjoys popping it into seltzer water. Pop, pop, fizz fizz…
  1. Chocolate Shaklee 180 Shake whisked into chocolate Soy milk on the stove is a delicious way to have a healthy and nutritious snack or meal, quick and convenient for the smart and savvy professional. Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.16.51 PM
  1. Germ Off: For quick and easy germicide and cleaners keep these wipes handy!
  1. Energy Chews: The Green tea lift in the chews is an excellent pick me up in the afternoon. Use what the Olympic athletes use for that boost and mental clarity!

Live Life With Zest,

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Did you know the number 1 cause of death in the US is heart disease? In addition to your blood work, keeping track of your blood pressure will tell you if stress is silently increasing your risk for heart disease.

aaaaaWhat impacts your BP? The experts say STRESS!

I came across some shocking news that I wanted to share. The PBS news hour reported that there is a significant increase in white middle aged Americans dying. The suggested reasons were are all stress related. The common thread was job loss in the manufacturing towns of the Midwest, Upstate New York area, Michigan and the extreme pressure this was putting on their lives.

It was shocking to realize that stress was killing these men and women. We know stress is part of everyone’s life. However, we don’t always pay attention. The problem is that the damage is silently occurring and the consequence can be a heart attack or a stroke. The first awareness can come when we go to the doctors and we are told our blood pressure is high.

What is high blood pressure? This occurs when the arteries cannot dilate accordingly when the heart is pumping blood. When you are under stress, the blood vessels constrict in certain areas, and dilate in others. We need more blood to our brain, for example so we can figure out how escape the threat. If we do not get that blood we are at risk for stroke.

What causes this? There is a genetic component. Mostly it is the lifestyle choices we make. What we eat, how we move and and how we deal with stress.

The 2015 recommendations for BP: 

For people over 60: 150/90

For those under 50: 140/90.

The top number is called systolic, which is when the heart pumps. The bottom number is called diastolic, which is when the heart relaxes and refills.

The life you save may be your own! Continual stress that is unchecked or ignored causes inflammation. Since we can’t get rid of stress, let’s focus on reducing inflammation. So how do you know you have inflammation?

Do you have aches and pain? Allergies, colds and flu too often, or need coffee to jumpstart your day? Just being alive creates inflammation, what accelerates the problem is our lifestyle choices. Here is how we reduce inflammation and keep our heart vessels healthy:

1. Get moving. Walking briskly for 30 minutes a day is great way to start. Yoga, gardening, dancing are other choices you can make. Do what you love! Regular exercise like this will lower BP and stress levels.

2. Improve your diet. Keep your blood sugar level balanced. Stress continually pumps blood sugar into your blood stream. Here is a graph that will help you know when to eat to keep your sugar levels even.

Of course what to eat is equally important: Experts say the Mediterranean diet. It contains a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats and will give you consistent energy, better mental clarity and mood.

3. Lose weight. Losing 10-20 pounds can make a huge difference on your blood pressure and general stress in the body. Extra weight increases inflammation. Shaklee’s Turnaround Program is the perfect program for the busy professional. Perfectly balanced shakes & meals keep inflammation low, so you will lose the right kind of weight (fat not muscle), so you look leaner sooner and most importantly, keep the weight off!

4. Get more sleep. Not getting enough sleep, 6-8 hours will help you gain weight because your appetite thermostat is off. You are still hungry after your eat. Sleep also helps get rid of the hormone cortisol. The more cortisol gets accumulated, the more inflammation there will be.

5. Supplement to support the blood vessels with a stressful life. Special products with ingredients you can’t get in your diet: b22067

Blood Pressure: contains beet powder, Quercetin and more to help keep blood healthy vessels healthy and open so the blood can flow freely.

CoQHeart with Q-Trol: increases energy in your cells, protects blood vessels from LDL damage

OmegaGuard: provides a full spectrum of 7 ultra-pure pharmaceutical grade omega 3 fatty acids. Helps blood vessel dilate, reduces triglyceride levels and improves mood.

The life you save may be your own. This is one condition that once you have a heart attack or stroke, it can have a devastating impact on the quality of your life. Take one step, do it for a month, another step for another month. What I do as a medical health coach is help people find a way to take that first step, have them be accountable and show how positive changes are not about taking away but giving yourself a better life!

PS: Please join me for a special event on Wednesday, November 18th.

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Special: Free shipping for orders over $75. Offer ends October 31st.

Holidays are around the corner and I want to look svelte in my little black dress. How can I really get my waistline back? Isn’t this the eternal cry? Well we can do it! Here’s how..

#1  Reduce Calories

I want to mention someone in my group who has taken her weight loss seriously. She went on the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Program lost 11 pounds and 9 inches in a month. She is working with a trainer, so she has made herself accountable.  Her trainer was shocked with the inches she lost. In this program you reduce calories by replacing 2 meals a day with Shaklee Life Shakes that are rich in leucine. Leucine is an amino that preserves lean muscle. Muscle gives us that lean waist we desire! Plus, muscle increases metabolism which allows you to lose more weight and look leaner faster than someone on say, a program like Weight Watchers.

Consider this program as a way to get to your goal quicker.

#2  5-Day body Reset

This is such a great way to reboot the body’s metabolism, reduce cravings (puts weight around the middle) and leave you feeling and looking great. You will be off of the acid-producing foods like pasta, bread, sweets and eating more alkaline-producing foods.

Alkaline foods are fruits, vegetables, soy, some grains (like quinoa). An alkaline PH is good for so many things like preventing colds and flu, weight gain, hormonal fluctuations and cancer.

#3  Reduce Carbohydrates

Especially grains! Increase fiber to 25 grams per day and increase daily from low-fat sources.

Health experts recommend that at least 30% of our diet be raw vegetables and fruits. Simple carbohydrates convert easily to fat, whereas eating more fruits and vegetables can up the fiber and protein helps with preserving lean muscle. Lean muscle burns belly fat.

#4 Exercise

Resistance training with a fitness expert is a great way to get yourself on a good regime for exercise. It makes you accountable. A good trainer will work with your body and will give you a variety of exercises. The best results happen when we are accountable.

#5 Reduce Your Reaction to Stress

This is a huge deal. Continuous release of cortisol puts weight around your waist. Reduce how you respond to daily aggravations by training your mind. I ask my clients to develop a breathing practice. Starting with 5 minutes morning and night. Take a big breath in through your nose. Breathe all the way into your belly, exhale completely, let it go.  Take those times to train your mind that each “stressor” is not worth gaining weight for.

A big help is Stress Release Complex, a supplement I recommend because it balances the body all day, helps relax the mind and keeps you alert and at peace.

Doing these things will give you a visible change in 4 weeks!

Don’t forget: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

All five of the tips above are in the top 10 list for ways to reducing your risk for Breast Cancer.


E-mail me to schedule a 15 minute COMPLIMENTARY assessment and for a Strategic Prevention Program. diana@zestylifenyc.com

Prevention is my passion.

Can’t wait to see you in your little black dress!!!

BONUS: Try this yummy Carrot Cake Smoothie recipe! 

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Special: FREE Shipping on orders over $75. Offer ends October 15th.

Woman with cold or flu coughing and blowing her nose with a tissue under autumn rain. Brunette female sneezing and wearing warm clothes.

Prevention is my passion.

I was sitting on the subway next to a woman who was sneezing and looked miserable. I said “God bless you” and remarked how no one says that anymore. She smiled and attributed it to the change of season and it was just a sinus infection. I shared with her that I used to suffer with sinus infections and I got to a point where the antibiotics and over-the-counter remedies weren’t working anymore. I was miserable and I spent a lot of money. Just in the nick of time, I had a Wellness Educator training (It was the year 2000) with a physician who rarely used antibiotics in her practice, taught her patients lifestyle changes and recommended Shaklee supplements, and had amazing results. Today I will share with you the best tips that have prevented me from having sinus infections, or colds or the flu since then.

From colds & the flu, all the way to cancer, are the result of an immune system that is unable to protect the body. The cells of the immune system are NOT doing their job because they are not getting enough good nutrition and are bombarded by toxins from the environment, stress, and poor food choices.

When I work with clients I have them fill out a symptom sheet. The list of symptoms are under a nutrient such as B-complex. A B-complex deficiency could cause fatigue, digestion problems, depression. The body is saying we are not getting enough nutrients from foods that contain B vitamins. People enjoy the knowledge of this, since now they can choose what supplements to take or what foods to eat to boost their bodies.

Step 1: Learn what your body needs. I am offering a free 15-minute consultation on the phone to find out where your body is struggling and to how you can get rid of the small symptoms so you don’t have to deal with the big ones. Strategize with me! Email me for an appointment: diana@zestylifenyc.com

Step 2: Eat breakfast. What you eat for breakfast sets your day up for success. They call it “break the fast” since your blood sugar level is low, you can’t think, you may feel groggy, etc. If you eat a well-balanced breakfast, with more protein and fiber and less carbs, it will give you long-lasting energy and build up your immune system. I suggest the Life Plan Shake for a quick start to your day. You can add it to oatmeal, muffins, and pancake mixes to add amazing energy. It is a complete meal and really feeds your cells in a balanced way!

Step 3: Cut way down on the sugar and alcohol during the holiday season, the most difficult time to do that! Sugar drains your body of nutrients which depletes the immune system. How many times did we stay up all night studying with a bag of M&M’s and later we catch a cold? Here is a suggestion: make your snacks or desserts a fruit, yogurt or nuts. Fill that sweet tooth craving with something else that is just as tasty.

Step 4: Take your vitamins every day! The body does not care that you are on a diet or that you have a busy day at work. It needs nutrients every day to rebuild the immune system. You can be specific or choose from 2 comprehensive packs we offer: Life Strip or Vitalizer. (Put it on auto ship and SAVE $$!)

Here is my Shaklee sinus infection prevention plan from Dr Rodriguez:

Nutriferon – My daily ally against all the germs around me
Optiflora System with Pre and Post Biotic – building up the good bacteria in the gut has a big effect on the immune system. 60% of immune health is in the gut.
Shaklee’s Sustained Release Vitamin C – Major antioxidant that lasts all day
Shaklee’s Garlic Complex – All the active ingredients of the garlic are retained – cooking with garlic is good, however it reduces the potency.

Step 5: MOVE! Do not sit longer than for 2 hours. Yoga is my new daily passion. I am teaching a NEW beginning Yoga class. So I am practicing everyday. It’s helping my back, my mind and my immune system. Feeling good is great for the immune system.

Check out this link: Here are 4 Yoga poses to build the immune system. Adjust the poses to your ability. Email me for ways to adapt it.

Step 6: Get Good quality sleep and enough of it. Check out this blog!

You can build a better immune system any time of your life, why not now? Take advantage of the free 15-minute session. E-mail me and set up a time!
Make 2015 holidays the best ever! Don’t be the average person who gets 4 colds per year.

Now take this one step more: tell someone you care about, about the offer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and a portion of what you purchase from me will go to research. Make prevention your passion and enjoy the benefits!



Live Life With Zest,



I challenge you to feel better, breathe better, have less stomach issues, look younger, sleep better and lose a few pounds. What would that mean to you?

This time of year it could be just the trick to get you you headed in the right direction versus the wrong direction! The holiday season is approaching, the time when we are making too many excuses leading to lose uncomfortable extra pounds and feeling lousy! October 5th we are starting a 5 Day Reset Challenge. It is so easy to follow and 5 days goes so quickly. The program includes one canister of the Life Plan Shake. The best meal on the planet, you can create awesome smoothies, recipes will be sent to you, and one box of Vitalizer or Life Strip. Also, a box of Snack Bars or Shaklee 180 Snack Crisps. During the challenge, you’ll learn about…

  1. eliminating the foods that contributed to this condition.
  2. eating foods that will build back a healthy body,
  3. supporting your body with the proper supplements.

Join us on Facebook to get daily tips throughout the challenge.

Part 1 – Eliminating Bad Foods

  • Foods that increase sugar cravings are your first item to eliminate. I have always said, “where there is a will, there is a waistline.” This is not always true. There are foods that create a deficit in the body, so that after you eat them, your body craves more. It’s physiological. You will end up eating more. Here are some examples: white flour (bread), white sugar, diet soda, alcohol, cookies, potato chips, etc. We know the drill. Have you ever noticed that bread is served before dinner at a restaurant? This is so you will eat more because you will crave more!
  • Cutting foods out of your diet that you are sensitive to is the next important strategy. Many people are sensitive to gluten and it acts as an appetite stimulant. Gluten can cause gas bloating, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), inflammation and even learning disabilities in children, in some cases.

Part 2 – Optimize Your Diet

  • Healthy shakes are a great way to increase your nutrient intake, are very convenient and a good shake can balance your blood sugar, so you don’t end up overeating. I like Shaklee’s Life Shake because it is well balanced, and contains leucine (for muscle building). Leucine makes you feel full.
  • A great rule to live by is to make ½ your plate vegetables, ¼ starch and ¼ protein. It will give you the balance your body needs for fiber, antioxidants (to neutralize toxins) and protein to repair tissues.

Part 3 – Use supplements to enhance the process. The Vitalizer and Life Strip are an excellent way to be sure you get all your nutrients when you cut calories, have stress and aren’t perfect about your everyday eating.  Here is some additional help to enhance your 5 day challenge:

  • Cleanse and alkalinize: Herbs like Alfalfa that have chlorophyll clean the blood.
  • Boost the liver: Milk thistle, reishi and schisandra mushrooms will preserve liver cells and increase bile flow. Learn more about Liver DTX
  • Pump up the gut and digestion: Acidophilus will keep the gut healthy so we can absorb the nutrients needed for everyday detox. Acidophilus can be found in the Vitalizer.
  • A sponge-like a fiber supplement to helps escort the toxins out of the body. We get ⅓ of all the fiber we need from our diet. Fiber Tabs are an easy way to get more fiber everyday.

Also, check out this great yoga pose for detox.

If you are ready to start, order your products here and  text me to find out your next step!  216-526-5496

Enjoy the holiday festivities, LOOKING and FEELING fabulous!

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Special: FREE Shipping on orders over $75. Ends September 30th. 

The next 5-Day Reset challenge begins October 5th – be sure to place your order soon!

When someone you love has experienced breast cancer you want to do everything possible to help others NOT go there. As many of you know my sister died of breast cancer almost 10 years ago! That is so close. It can be very scary. This blog today is about what you can do to slash the risk by 60%. That is what the experts say we can do and I find that exciting!

My approach when I work with clients as a health coach, as well as when I recommend Shaklee programs like the Life Plan, is about giving yourself the best chance.  What is the best thing I can do to have a Vital and energetic life?

Ask yourself these questions.

  1. What is your weight? Getting it to a healthy number for you at your age is of primary importance!  Experts talk a lot about BMI. It is a good indicator. There are charts available and basically you are comparing height to weight ratio. Keep it below 25 to reduce your risk. How you lose the weight is crucial. You don’t want to sabotage all your efforts. A program like Shaklee 180 is perfect! It is basically a 90-day program to build up your lean muscle so you can increase your metabolism and have more energy. Leucine is the key component of the Shakes and bars and we need a certain amount each day to preserve muscle. 90% of most programs out there will help you lose weight and MUSCLE!  So once your are off the diet,  you have to reduce your calories even more to retain the weight loss.  So the smartest diet program helps you lose fat not muscle. More fat, more estrogen and that will effect your risk level.  Try this 90-day program and lose those extra 15 pounds to reduce your risk.
  1. How many cocktails do you have per week? You can have fun with less alcohol, go for no more than one glass per day, max. I know what you are thinking…”I won’t drink all week and save it up for the weekend.” Experts frown on that. The amount you drink at one time has a major impact on your odds. Alcohol especially effects hormone-sensitive tumors.  We can have fun without cocktails, or dilute wine and have a spritzer. It’s your life.
  1. How much do you exercise? Make movement your life. Sit for no more than 90 minutes at a time. Get up and walk around! Exercise in the morning before or after work. Put it on your calendar like any other appointment. My husband & I have a date night at the Y once a week. It’s really fun! Also think about the type of exercise. What do you enjoy doing? Do you like group activity or do you like to challenge yourself with another activity like tennis? Thirty minutes a day of aerobic and 2 days of resistance is just for maintaince. Let’s go for optimal. Take a karate class, ballet or yoga class. All three have resistance as a component of them. Be creative & get off your butt for your breast health!
  1. Did you take your vitamins today? Take a comprehensive supplement program like Vitalizer and Life Plan. The programs are rich in antioxidants including vitamin C, E, B-complex and beta-carotene. Antioxidants help the cells in your breast fight cellular inflammation, which is a precursor to breast cancer. Check your Vitamin D levels to make sure you have optimal levels, not just normal range. Normal is 40ng/ml. Optimal is 60-80 ng/ml (Per Dr. Christiane Northrup). Studies show that women with optimal levels of Vitamin D have a lower risk for breast cancer.
  1. What are you saying to yourself? Let’s talk about Breast Health. Not “I am not going to get Breast Cancer!” It can be like, when we say “I am not going to get the flu” the universe hears I want the flu. And lo and behold, you come down with the flu. There is a strong mind-body connection between what we say and our health issues. Emotions are powerful and thoughts (what we say to ourselves) create emotions and emotions effect our health. My all-time favorite book about this is “Excuse me your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn.

It is a funny thing,  what we think about expands in our life. If it is fear based, it will negatively affect the quality of our health. However, when we focus on how we can create health we can’t be thinking about the fear, we are thinking about how we can fit exercise into our program, how we can lose those 15 pounds etc. and our energies are directed there. So all you creative people out there, Let’s take charge and CREATE healthy bodies which create healthy breasts.

Want to know more specifically for you? Email me at diana@zestylifenyc.com, or come to my next event on Tuesday:  RSVP on Monday, as there is limited room.

life plan flyer

PS – Here’s a yummy fall smoothie recipe to get you started!



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Special: Free Shipping on orders over $75. Ends September 15th. 

Ready for firmer, younger looking skin?

As fall approaches, your skin will be adjusting to the cooler weather, which leaves us susceptible to wrinkles. Time to add those antioxidants to your skin!

Shaklee’s skin care line is called Enfuselle. The name means infusing cells with antioxidants.

Just Watch the magic…

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 10.13.26 AM

Enfuselle C+E Repair PM is a powerhouse of antioxidants that when applied to the skin are bio-activated to enhance natural collagen production for firmer, smoother, softer skin. Fine lines and wrinkles fade, while skin elasticity, resiliency, and luminosity increase. Who could ask for anything more!

I use this product in many different ways … making sure that it is part of my daily routine. While it says PM repair, often times I forget to do this at night, so I’ve found ways to work it into my morning routine.

1. I’ve combined it with the AM Repair and applied them together.

2. Other times I have added it to my foundation. This works well with most foundations – helping the spread-ability of both the foundation and the C+E

3. I have combined it with our Calming Complex which is a great hydrator – plumping up the skin. Calming complex comes to the rescue when the weather becomes the cold crisp and colorful autumn season. Fabulous for winter especially on the lips.

4. Any problem area that needs healing has benefited by applying C+E. Like breakouts, cold sores, warts, cuts.

NOTE: While the face is important, don’t forget to work the products down into the neck area. How many of us have seen pretty faces with aging, unattractive necks? And then what about those hands … any product left goes on the back of my hands!

Also try VIVIX. No, I have not applied Vivix to my skin, BUT taken orally on a regular basis helps decrease the brown spots and reduce the appearance of veins in the legs. And since Vivix rejuvenates and restores at the cellular level, the result is younger, healthier cells all over — brain, eyes, heart, joints etc for New Life!  

So approach the change of season now with these fabulous skin care remedies. There’s no need to look or feel your real age. I love it when someone asks me if my 32 year old son is my brother!

Live Life With Zest,



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