I challenge you to feel better, breathe better, have less stomach issues, look younger, sleep better and lose a few pounds. What would that mean to you?

This time of year it could be just the trick to get you you headed in the right direction versus the wrong direction! The holiday season is approaching, the time when we are making too many excuses leading to lose uncomfortable extra pounds and feeling lousy! October 5th we are starting a 5 Day Reset Challenge. It is so easy to follow and 5 days goes so quickly. The program includes one canister of the Life Plan Shake. The best meal on the planet, you can create awesome smoothies, recipes will be sent to you, and one box of Vitalizer or Life Strip. Also, a box of Snack Bars or Shaklee 180 Snack Crisps. During the challenge, you’ll learn about…

  1. eliminating the foods that contributed to this condition.
  2. eating foods that will build back a healthy body,
  3. supporting your body with the proper supplements.

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Part 1 – Eliminating Bad Foods

  • Foods that increase sugar cravings are your first item to eliminate. I have always said, “where there is a will, there is a waistline.” This is not always true. There are foods that create a deficit in the body, so that after you eat them, your body craves more. It’s physiological. You will end up eating more. Here are some examples: white flour (bread), white sugar, diet soda, alcohol, cookies, potato chips, etc. We know the drill. Have you ever noticed that bread is served before dinner at a restaurant? This is so you will eat more because you will crave more!
  • Cutting foods out of your diet that you are sensitive to is the next important strategy. Many people are sensitive to gluten and it acts as an appetite stimulant. Gluten can cause gas bloating, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), inflammation and even learning disabilities in children, in some cases.

Part 2 – Optimize Your Diet

  • Healthy shakes are a great way to increase your nutrient intake, are very convenient and a good shake can balance your blood sugar, so you don’t end up overeating. I like Shaklee’s Life Shake because it is well balanced, and contains leucine (for muscle building). Leucine makes you feel full.
  • A great rule to live by is to make ½ your plate vegetables, ¼ starch and ¼ protein. It will give you the balance your body needs for fiber, antioxidants (to neutralize toxins) and protein to repair tissues.

Part 3 – Use supplements to enhance the process. The Vitalizer and Life Strip are an excellent way to be sure you get all your nutrients when you cut calories, have stress and aren’t perfect about your everyday eating.  Here is some additional help to enhance your 5 day challenge:

  • Cleanse and alkalinize: Herbs like Alfalfa that have chlorophyll clean the blood.
  • Boost the liver: Milk thistle, reishi and schisandra mushrooms will preserve liver cells and increase bile flow. Learn more about Liver DTX
  • Pump up the gut and digestion: Acidophilus will keep the gut healthy so we can absorb the nutrients needed for everyday detox. Acidophilus can be found in the Vitalizer.
  • A sponge-like a fiber supplement to helps escort the toxins out of the body. We get ⅓ of all the fiber we need from our diet. Fiber Tabs are an easy way to get more fiber everyday.

Also, check out this great yoga pose for detox.

If you are ready to start, order your products here and  text me to find out your next step!  216-526-5496

Enjoy the holiday festivities, LOOKING and FEELING fabulous!

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Special: FREE Shipping on orders over $75. Ends September 30th. 

The next 5-Day Reset challenge begins October 5th – be sure to place your order soon!

When someone you love has experienced breast cancer you want to do everything possible to help others NOT go there. As many of you know my sister died of breast cancer almost 10 years ago! That is so close. It can be very scary. This blog today is about what you can do to slash the risk by 60%. That is what the experts say we can do and I find that exciting!

My approach when I work with clients as a health coach, as well as when I recommend Shaklee programs like the Life Plan, is about giving yourself the best chance.  What is the best thing I can do to have a Vital and energetic life?

Ask yourself these questions.

  1. What is your weight? Getting it to a healthy number for you at your age is of primary importance!  Experts talk a lot about BMI. It is a good indicator. There are charts available and basically you are comparing height to weight ratio. Keep it below 25 to reduce your risk. How you lose the weight is crucial. You don’t want to sabotage all your efforts. A program like Shaklee 180 is perfect! It is basically a 90-day program to build up your lean muscle so you can increase your metabolism and have more energy. Leucine is the key component of the Shakes and bars and we need a certain amount each day to preserve muscle. 90% of most programs out there will help you lose weight and MUSCLE!  So once your are off the diet,  you have to reduce your calories even more to retain the weight loss.  So the smartest diet program helps you lose fat not muscle. More fat, more estrogen and that will effect your risk level.  Try this 90-day program and lose those extra 15 pounds to reduce your risk.
  1. How many cocktails do you have per week? You can have fun with less alcohol, go for no more than one glass per day, max. I know what you are thinking…”I won’t drink all week and save it up for the weekend.” Experts frown on that. The amount you drink at one time has a major impact on your odds. Alcohol especially effects hormone-sensitive tumors.  We can have fun without cocktails, or dilute wine and have a spritzer. It’s your life.
  1. How much do you exercise? Make movement your life. Sit for no more than 90 minutes at a time. Get up and walk around! Exercise in the morning before or after work. Put it on your calendar like any other appointment. My husband & I have a date night at the Y once a week. It’s really fun! Also think about the type of exercise. What do you enjoy doing? Do you like group activity or do you like to challenge yourself with another activity like tennis? Thirty minutes a day of aerobic and 2 days of resistance is just for maintaince. Let’s go for optimal. Take a karate class, ballet or yoga class. All three have resistance as a component of them. Be creative & get off your butt for your breast health!
  1. Did you take your vitamins today? Take a comprehensive supplement program like Vitalizer and Life Plan. The programs are rich in antioxidants including vitamin C, E, B-complex and beta-carotene. Antioxidants help the cells in your breast fight cellular inflammation, which is a precursor to breast cancer. Check your Vitamin D levels to make sure you have optimal levels, not just normal range. Normal is 40ng/ml. Optimal is 60-80 ng/ml (Per Dr. Christiane Northrup). Studies show that women with optimal levels of Vitamin D have a lower risk for breast cancer.
  1. What are you saying to yourself? Let’s talk about Breast Health. Not “I am not going to get Breast Cancer!” It can be like, when we say “I am not going to get the flu” the universe hears I want the flu. And lo and behold, you come down with the flu. There is a strong mind-body connection between what we say and our health issues. Emotions are powerful and thoughts (what we say to ourselves) create emotions and emotions effect our health. My all-time favorite book about this is “Excuse me your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn.

It is a funny thing,  what we think about expands in our life. If it is fear based, it will negatively affect the quality of our health. However, when we focus on how we can create health we can’t be thinking about the fear, we are thinking about how we can fit exercise into our program, how we can lose those 15 pounds etc. and our energies are directed there. So all you creative people out there, Let’s take charge and CREATE healthy bodies which create healthy breasts.

Want to know more specifically for you? Email me at diana@zestylifenyc.com, or come to my next event on Tuesday:  RSVP on Monday, as there is limited room.

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PS – Here’s a yummy fall smoothie recipe to get you started!



Live Life With Zest,


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Ready for firmer, younger looking skin?

As fall approaches, your skin will be adjusting to the cooler weather, which leaves us susceptible to wrinkles. Time to add those antioxidants to your skin!

Shaklee’s skin care line is called Enfuselle. The name means infusing cells with antioxidants.

Just Watch the magic…

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 10.13.26 AM

Enfuselle C+E Repair PM is a powerhouse of antioxidants that when applied to the skin are bio-activated to enhance natural collagen production for firmer, smoother, softer skin. Fine lines and wrinkles fade, while skin elasticity, resiliency, and luminosity increase. Who could ask for anything more!

I use this product in many different ways … making sure that it is part of my daily routine. While it says PM repair, often times I forget to do this at night, so I’ve found ways to work it into my morning routine.

1. I’ve combined it with the AM Repair and applied them together.

2. Other times I have added it to my foundation. This works well with most foundations – helping the spread-ability of both the foundation and the C+E

3. I have combined it with our Calming Complex which is a great hydrator – plumping up the skin. Calming complex comes to the rescue when the weather becomes the cold crisp and colorful autumn season. Fabulous for winter especially on the lips.

4. Any problem area that needs healing has benefited by applying C+E. Like breakouts, cold sores, warts, cuts.

NOTE: While the face is important, don’t forget to work the products down into the neck area. How many of us have seen pretty faces with aging, unattractive necks? And then what about those hands … any product left goes on the back of my hands!

Also try VIVIX. No, I have not applied Vivix to my skin, BUT taken orally on a regular basis helps decrease the brown spots and reduce the appearance of veins in the legs. And since Vivix rejuvenates and restores at the cellular level, the result is younger, healthier cells all over — brain, eyes, heart, joints etc for New Life!  

So approach the change of season now with these fabulous skin care remedies. There’s no need to look or feel your real age. I love it when someone asks me if my 32 year old son is my brother!

Live Life With Zest,


Ready to Recharge?

Ready to recharge with a Five-Day Reset Plan?

The next one starts: September 8-11 (this one is 4 days because of the Labor Day holiday)

And the next one after that: October 5-9

What does a “Five-Day Reset Plan” do?

aaaaIt recharges the your body, speeds up your metabolism and kills cravings. It resets the body and you sleep better. It’s better than a fast because you are getting all the best food-based and strategic nutrition with every Shaklee Life Shake.

Here is a letter from a family who did this:

“My family really enjoyed the Shaklee 5 Day Reset Program and we all felt that we had more energy after the third day. It does effect everyone differently. My husband felt a little bloated and found that the EZGest with each snack took care of that. My daughter lost 7 pounds. She cut back her coffee to one cup a day and that worked. We all realized how important it was to drink 3 quarts of water a day.  It gets rid of cravings for sweets, breads and makes you conscious of what you are eating everyday. I even think my stomach shrunk because I don’t seem to be eating as much and I am satisfied. My husband enjoyed the Green smoothie that we had for lunch everyday. Looking forward to doing it again!”

Here is the program:

3 Life Shakes per day

Vitalizer or  Shaklee Life Strip (NEW)

2 snacks from our recommended snack list



 EZ-Gest –multiple digestive aid

Alfalfa: body detoxifier


Stress Relief Complex



Here’s a great recipe to get you started!

Green Smoothie

2 scoops of Vanilla Soy or Non Soy Shaklee Life Shake

1 cup of frozen chopped greens such as kale, spinach argulua

½ cup frozen pineapple

½ cup frozen ripe banana

1/2 cup unsweetened almond or coconut milk


It is a good habit to reset the body once a month. It will improve your breathing (allergies), waistline, skin , mental clarity, mood and recharge your weight-loss efforts!

What’s holding you back? Email me for more details!


Live Life with Zest!

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Please join me on September 16th to get to know your new Life Plan!

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This 48-hour special is inspired by a story that answers the question: What can you accomplish in 100 days?

On the last day of the Shaklee 100-year celebration I attended earlier this month, I heard the most “amazing” story. Roger Barnett, owner of Shaklee international introduced us to a woman who has MS who was wheel chair-bound. This woman found on the web a therapist who does  “dance” therapy, contacted her to use her technique to regain her ability to walk. She decided she would walk in 100 Days! 100 days to be amazing!

ssShe began to document her progress via video on YouTube. Roger was so moved by this he sent her Shaklee’s new Life Plan program, a revolutionary program of supplements and protein to help rebuild her body. Dr. Shaklee, a chiropractor and founder of Shaklee, saw with his patients those who used his supplements did SO much better than those who didn’t. At the end of the 100 days, she was able to walk with a cane!

Roger asked her if he could share her story with his family. Little did she know he meant 5,000 of his Shaklee family members! When she spoke on stage, at the auditorium, she was compelling as she told her story and shared her gratitude with the owner of Shaklee.

The challenge to us:  If she could do this, what can we each decide to accomplish in the next 100 days? My goal is to inspire two people to join the Shaklee Community as a Shaklee business partner and help 25 people lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving.

I offer you a challenge and a Flash Sale to support you in accomplishing your goals. Wouldn’t it be amazing to lose 10 pounds or more by Thanksgiving?

  • We start a Rest Program September 8th, only 4 days to break those cravings and have more energy, sleep better and get into your clothes with ease and pride!gfdg

You will need to order your products now to get them in time so here is the 48-hour Flash Sale:

August 31st – September 2nd until 2:00 pm 

To qualify: Order over $250 of any combination products and get a 10% rebate plus FREE shipping. **MUST contact me so I can place your order for you**

Tomorrow is another chance to be amazing. If making the next 100 days amazing sounds enticing, email me for more information or join our community.

Because if not now, when?

Live Life With Zest,

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Please join me on September 16th to get to know your new Life Plan!

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Read the latest newsletter: http://bit.ly/1X3yhMm

I just got back from Shaklee Live 2015 in Cleveland and it rocked!  For the next 100 days I am looking to find those of you want to live an amazing life! Is it you? Let me do a survey with you to discover how you can take your life from ordinary to amazing.

Why have I partnered with Shaklee as a health coach and fitness teacher for over 27 years to help you have an extraordinary life?

It will keep you young!  You will feel amazing, look amazing and your activity level will soar. And when you fall in love with the products you will want to tell the world, and you could earn residual income. There is even a path to earn $100,000 in 15 months, called FAST TRACK. How exciting is that?

Today, I want to share with you some of the highlights of the conference that will give your life pizazz you desire!

Little your middle: A study was done with the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Program and not only did the group lose 1 pound per week over 15 weeks, they lost fat, NOT muscle and they even gained muscle. Muscle takes up less space so you have a narrower waist. More muscle, more metabolism, and more energy and you can eat more! The Shaklee 180 program will build the foundation for a body that easily stays the weight you want!

Stay Younger, Longer: What are telomeres? They are tails at the end of your cells that indicate how healthy your cells are. Short telomeres mean that your cells are sick and are ready to die off! More cells dying off than being replaced equals aging, aches and pains, heart disease, diabetes or cancer. We want long telomeres. Stress, poor diet and toxins shorten telomeres. A study was completed to show that taking Vivix and other Shaklee supplements keep those tails long.

See the photo below.  This graph shows that people using Shaklee products had longer telomeres. Very exciting!

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 3.37.38 PM

My story is that Mt Sinai is looking at the connection between pre-diabetes and grilling food. The theory is that grilling food shortens telomeres and caused pre-diabetes. They specifically were looking at my age group. Blood work was done, I was weighed and measured. If I was accepted for the study, I would have been on a specific diet to reduce the chance for me to become pre-diabetic.  I was NOT accepted for the study because they couldn’t improve anything.  Love my Shaklee Program!

There are numerous other connections that were discussed. Dry eye and macular degeneration is an example. Using a Shaklee program, the patients’ eyes got healthier. Medications do not always work and can have side effects. If you want specifics let me know!

100 days to amazing is looking at what you need to improve and suggesting a “Life Plan” to help.

Call me or email me for more details. Look at the member center for the enhanced products we have now and get FREE SHIPPING for orders over $75.

Also, please join me for a workshop Thursday, August 27 7-8:30pm. Invitation below:

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Live Life With Zest,


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Special: FREE Shipping on orders over $75. Offer ends August 15th.

Cute little red kitten sleeps on fur white blanketIt is more and more evident from numerous studies, working with clients and my own life that sleep is vital. In my everyday life, not getting enough sleep effects how I eat, how much work I get done and how my body feels (aches and pains). Deep sleep is the most important thing for getting rid of the stress hormones that cause inflammation, heart disease, and extra weight in the belly!

It’s called REM sleep and it occurs when you are dreaming, this is also the time when our amazing brain processes information and comes up with solutions, like when we say “let me sleep on it.” Here are some ways to preserve the most important time during your sleep cycle so we can be more productive, have more fun, and have a skinnier waist. How is that for a combo?

  1. Caffeine: Some people are sensitive to it. Go decaf! Caffeine clears out of your body in 3 days. It is easy to check if this is the cause of poor sleep. Some people will notice they have to urinate less at night since caffeine is a bladder irritant.
  2. Clear your mind of the day: Alternate nose breathing switches your brain from your “to do’s” to a restful state by deepening the breath. This can be done sitting or lying down ½ hour before bedtime. Click here to learn how. 
  3. Eat a low glycemic diet: Eating refined carbs all day (potatoes, rice, muffins, donuts, cookies) wreaks havoc on the hormones that promote sleep. It effects the bodys’ circadian rhythm that affects cortisol and keeps the body awake. Eating 2-3 hours before bed will affect that hormone too. To create a more balanced body, try the Lean and Healthy Kit. One Smoothee a day and the Vitalizer, a balanced packet of vitamins, will give the body the proteins, fiber and nutrients that will help the body self-regulate when bedtime arrives.
  4. Before you reach for the Valium or Ativan, try Valerian. It works the same way these medications work in the brain. Better still try: Gentle Sleep Complex which has Valerian, Blend of Passion Flower and German chamomile extracts. Suggested amount is 3 tablets, without side effects. My first choice! Promotes a calm and relaxed state, helps tense or tight muscles, headaches aches and pains and toothaches. Good night Louise!
  5. Magnesium is a major muscle and nerve relaxer. 80% of people are low in it. There are two ways to use it to promote sleep:
    1. Sustained Release VitalMag helps with muscle cramps, spasms, stiffness, restless leg syndrome that can prevent sound sleep. The delivery system slowly releases the magnesium over 4-6 hours.
    2. Epsom salts in the bathtub. A cup is good and soak in the warm water for 20 minutes to help you skin absorb the magnesium. I can’t always get into the bath tub so I do both!
  6. Limit media before bed: It seems like the worse the news, the better the story it makes. So ingesting this right before bed works on our subconscious and it effects our nervous system. We worry about things we have little control over. This takes away from our brain working on things we do have control over.
  7. Aerobic and weight bearing exercise is better done early in the day. It stimulates the body. Before bed: Yoga stretching, Chi Kung and Tai Chi relax the body and get the body ready to rebuild and repair.

If you haven’t enjoyed a good nights sleep in awhile, first of all believe it’s possible. Look over the suggestions I offered, choose one that makes sense for you and try it for a week or so. Now try the next one, these are tips to help your whole self, so add a few more when you are ready. For some guidance, coaching or information email me at diana@zestylifenyc.com.


YES, It’s that time again!

Shaklee Live Conference 2015

We are celebrating 100 years

Of innovation with “Life Plan”

Shaklee has announced some

Great new products.

Look for the updates in our

Next online newsletter.

We appreciate your business!


Life Life with Zest,


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