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Young woman with allergy during sunny day is wiping her nose.

Do you know anyone suffering with allergies and asthma?  It can make a person’s life miserable as winter finally becomes the spring.  For some, they aren’t able to breathe, they have no energy. In addition, they spend a lot of money on over the counter meds. For some, it can become long term bronchitis and asthma and a repeated series of antibiotics and steroids.


Most people who suffer with allergies and asthma feel they must resort to using medications that have unpleasant and even dangerous side effects.  For those who may be interested in safer, more natural alternatives, I have seen a complete turnaround over and over again by using some of the following premium products by Shaklee. Why does it work? To reduce allergies it is important to strengthen the immune system. Getting to the cause is a very effective way to get relief and no side effects! How cool is that?


Here are 2 of the most popular and effective Shaklee products packages. The first one includes the following:

Vitamin C: For continuous antioxidant protection against environmental assaults, this unique all-natural sustained formula slowly releases Vitamin C into your blood stream over a 5-hour period and provides nutrients from the entire vitamin C complex including bioflavonoids.

Nutriferon: Nutriferon supports and stimulates the immune system by increasing the activity of macrophages (white blood cells) and inducing natural interferon production.  It optimizes the body’s immune response against environmental irritants and airborne substances (as with allergies and asthma).  Completely safe – no adverse reactions to these plant extracts recorded.


Optiflora Capsules: Scientists now believe 70% of the immune system is located in the gut … a good place to start to strengthen our immune system against allergic reactions.  There appears to be a surprising correlation between symptoms of upper respiratory congestion and sinus discomfort to poor elimination in the lower intestines.

Or the second most popular program is this one:

Vitamin C


Optiflora Capsules… PLUS the following:


Vitalizing Protein:Your immune cells are made of protein, and this is easy to digest, non GMO, and you can add it to make fabulous Smoothees!


Vitamin D3: Known to be a important component for a healthy immune system


Getting to the core of a health issue allows the body to get stronger. In the case of allergies and asthma, the cause is a weak immune system. Strengthen the cells with the right nutrients and you can correct the issue without side effects!

Contact me via email to get started now!


Live Life With Zest,

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What is holding you back from looking great in your spring clothes? Overeating.

Most of us are used to being good sometimes and overeating other times. There are a lot of reasons why we overeat, and some of them can be not eating breakfast, late night cravings, emotional eating, and triggers such as alcohol at social events.

We had a lot of success with the “Ten Pound Turnaround” and there is still time for you to join in on the fun. We are trimming our middles and learning a lot as we discover ways to overcome our urge to overeat.

Why We Overeat 

Circle the answers that apply to you:

  1. Which foods trigger overeating for you? Hard candy? Cookie? Pizza? Alcohol?
  2. What time of day are you more likely to overeat? Morning? Mid-afternoon? Evening? Between 7-10pm?
  3. What emotions stimulate automatic behavior to overeat? Sadness? Anxiety? Fatigue?

If you circled any trigger foods, you’re not alone – according to FDA research, one of the biggest trigger foods is sugar. And when you add fat to that, it is synergistic.

Last night I attended an event that had macaroons and champagne. I knew that I was in trouble. What was my best option? In this case, the champagne was the better option because although it’s all sugar, the effect is not compounded by fat and sugar together, such as in the macaroons. I had a small glass of champagne and a glass of seltzer water, and it worked! I didn’t feel any urge to overeat.

If you circled a time of day that you are most likely to overeat, the best answer is to add structure and plan ahead with your diet. Eating small meals five times a day is a great way to curb cravings and avoid midday and nighttime overeating. Shaklee’s Core Energy has ginseng which helps the body adapt to stress, so your energy stays even throughout the day and your busy schedule won’t drain you and encourage overeating.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have much control over our daily schedules, so planning meals ahead of time can be challenging. If you need to eat late at night, choose a 200 calorie snack with lots of protein and fiber such as nuts or a small portion of cheese. No matter your schedule, thinking ahead and making a plan is key and will help you avoid overeating at any time of day.

Making sure your blood sugar is even throughout the day will help you avoid a sugar crash, which makes you want to overeat. If you are an emotional eater, sticking to a balanced meal plan will make it easier to fight cravings when you are feeling fatigued, sad or anxious. High protein, high fiber meals, such as the Shaklee 180 Smoothee, will satisfy your body’s needs and keep you satiated. Adding a supplement such as the Stress Relief Complex will help prevent blood sugar spikes which leads to the “sugar blues” and causes overeating.

It’s not too late to join the “Ten Pound Turnaround” club! No matter your challenges with overeating, we will join together as a group to problem-solve and share tips and support to stay on track. The Shaklee 180 program is a great health-enhancing program so that your body starts reacting better to sugar and stress, so you can avoid pitfalls affect your health, vitality and zest!

Live Life With Zest,

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Paragliding Extreme Sport With Blue Sky And Clouds On Background


We live in a world where we are expected to do more and be more. Stress, athletics, pregnancy, illness can put a huge strain on the adrenals, our fight-or-flight organ. The surge we need to get up and go! In addition, the adrenals are connected to other important systems in the body like hormones, mood, the inflammation system, immune, sugar, energy, metabolism and how we store fat.

How do we know that we are living with fatigued adrenals?

Here is a brief quiz to see if your adrenals are tired:

If you answer yes to more that 2 of these, your adrenals may be struggling and ignoring them will only make matters worse.

  1. Are you always on the run?
  2. Do you feel you “can never do enough”?
  3. Does everything seem like it’s a lot harder than it use to be?
  4. Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning?
  5. Do you use caffeine or sugar to bolster your low energy in the afternoon?
  6. Do you feel irritable or worry often?
  7. Do you often crave salty foods or binge on sugar?
  8. Do you fall asleep while reading or while watching movies?
  9. Do you have difficulty falling a sleep?
  10. Do you have difficulty staying asleep?

What are the consequences? Allergies, weight gain, sugar cravings, getting sick too often, severe fatigue, not sleeping well all the way to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

What can we do? Think of your health as a scale, one side we weigh in on things that drain the body, things we rely on for energy like sugar, carbs, and caffeine to make it through the day. Things that keep us going can lead to serious health issues and these temporary fixes done consistently burn out the adrenal gland. On the other side, we can weigh the scale down with phytotherapy, a good diet & supplements, rest, relaxing exercise and play. This side can give our life the energy and zest we want now and keep our health vibrant as our health needs change in every decade.

  1. Phytotherapy: uses plants either in whole food form or supplement form for the purpose of healing. Plants hold wonderful healing properties. They nourish our cells versus challenging the cells. Secondly many medicinal plants hold adaptogenic properties, they read what our bodies need moment to moment and then provide it with what it needs.


  • Cordyceps (Shaklee’s CorEnergy): is a prized antioxidant fungus that can slow aging, take the load off the adrenals by supporting the immune system, balancing the inflammatory response and helping stabilize blood sugar.
  • Ashwagandha (Shaklee’s Stress Relief complex) a traditional herb used to help the body adapt to daily stress.
  • Eleuthero (formerly called Siberian ginseng) (Shaklee’s Moodlift) is an adaptogenic herb that protects the body against the damaging effect of stress, while decreasing fatigue, enhancing mental clarity and balancing blood sugar.
  1. Eat Well and Often plus supplements: Eating certain foods at certain times of day can help the return you to a natural cortisol rhythm and avoid the crash and burn of sugar/ caffeine. Important note: A hungry body puts a stress on the adrenals, don’t go too long without a meal or snack.
  1. Supplements: Since we don’t eat perfectly everyday A healthy program like the Shaklee 180 weight management system can get your body back in balance so you don’t have energy highs and lows, your moods stay smooth and your mental clarity sharp! It is concentrated plant food to fuel your adrenals. Join our 10 pound weight loss challenge to keep focused on living to create strong adrenals.
  1. Modify your exercise: If you find you are constantly feeling tight after your exercise, your muscles are not repairing (Adrenals are helpful with this). This will lead to tension headaches, sore back and tired adrenals. Mornings are best for aerobic exercise your cortisol levels are high. Don’t let you heart rate goove 90 beats per minute. I recommend relaxing walks, yoga and chi Kung that restores your energy versus drains them.
  1. Sleep and rest: Resist the temptation to burn the candle at both ends. Get 8-10 hours of sleep per day to restore you adrenals. Take naps if you are able during the day.

Get your energy back naturally. If you would like help with any of these, I offer a free 20 minute consultation over the phone. And health coaching with a nurse and exercise teacher is a unique combo! I would love to help you get your vitality back, I have special package offers so email or call me for more information. Give it a 90 day trial and turn your energy around!

Getting your adrenal health back will make a significant change in your life since the adrenals are involved in so many organs of our body. Don’t ignore your health..

As someone one said to me “Ignore your health …it will go away!

Live Life With Zest,

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I am sitting here looking out my window, it’s March 9th and there is still snow on the ground! People around me are talking about how cold and difficult winter has been here in NYC. Many are making the decision to move south because they feel the cold, are achy and don’t feel like the life is as good as they’d like it to be.

So, Let’s do some activities to get ready for spring and move toward feeling fabulous now! I can help with that!

Mind: Decide NOW what kind of things will make you feel better. Need to lose 10 pounds? Bad moods? Feeling down too often? Feeling stuck? These are the kinds of things I hear frequently when I coach my clients. It can be difficult to move out of that rut and they appreciate the clarity, focus and accountability that working with me, a coach and nurse, affords them.

Make a decision and write it down. Get your mind wrapped around how it will look. Start writing down how it will look. Writing is powerful. Writing with feeling and using your imagination will imprint it more in your brain.

Body: Renew on the Inside: Start this 5 day Simple Cleanse. If you like it, do it once a month on an ongoing basis.

The cleanse includes 3 yummy, healthy Smoothees a day and 2 snacks for 5 days. People love how good they feel on it! And it’s convenient. There are a lot of cleanses out there that as a nurse make my hair turn grey! But this one has supplements that support the body with nutrients targeted to the organs that need cleansing so they can do their job better when it is complete. It is only 5 days! I have recommended Shaklee products for over 27 years, because of the science behind them. They are pure and most importantly, they work!

UntitledThe reason for this is that Shaklee takes that extra step to make sure they work — they do extra tests on the raw materials in order to deem that the products are pure. This is rarely done in the industry. We don’t want chemicals in our detox program!

Here’s a story: I have a woman who came to me for digestive issues, and she started with this cleanse. In a few days she had less sinus congestion, better mental clarity, her skin was clearer and she was more regular. She was thrilled and now she has the confidence to start the Shaklee 90 Day Turnaround Program, which allows you to see results faster because you lose fat, NOT muscle.

Physical Activity: Gently wake up your body, like how a flower blossoms in spring, first thing in the morning.

Here is something I recommend and do from a series of Chi Kung (Chinese Yoga) exercises. I teach this and practice every day:

Stand up and swing your arms up and back, bending your knees 20 times, gently to get the blood moving and allow the breath to grow deeper. Then I do more exercises similar to what Don Fiore demonstates in this short Youtube video.

To get ready for my day, I work with many fast paced New Yorkers, and starting the day gently gives them more stamina and clarity of thought to deal their daily stress. Many will then be ready for other forms of exercise to get in shape, and they will have less injuries.

Put some spring into your step! Think about and in envision with feeling what you would like to create. Getting a good foundation with a simple 5 day cleanse will pump up your energy, moods and ability to deal with stress. Learn to start your day gently with Chi Kung exercises. It invigorates your body so you have more stamina in a slower paced manor.

I incorporate these approaches in your coaching. Here is a full list of ways I can help you!

You can also send me an email at diana@zestylifenyc.com to set up a free 20-minute phone call.

Happy Spring!

Live Life With Zest,

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We all have a love-hate relationship with stress.

Here are some things I hear: “It’s life! I can handle it.” “Stress is good!”

We do love the rush but we hate the burn out. The burning digestive issues, aches and pains, getting too sick too often, and weight gain.

I thought I’d address three of the systems that get a big hit from stress and how to get them in balance so we can begin to enjoy life fully, without suffering the impact of stress! We are under some sort of stress 70% or more during the day.


Imagine first thing in the morning at 6am, you are downing a cup of hot coffee and swallowing practically a “hole” bagel. And then it happens, that burning feeling that takes your breathe away.

What is  happening?

Stress has turned off your digestive enzymes and some of the acid from your stomach has escaped to the esophagus. Thus the pain.

What to do: Take time with the most important meal of the day. Sit down, relax and breathe so that the rest and digest part of the nervous system can take over.

A kinder gentler breakfast to eat first thing in the morning is a Shaklee 180 Smoothee. A complete, easy, yummy way to start the day. My favorite is the Strawberry Smoothee with, 8 oz of soy milk, 1 cup frozen strawberries and one banana and a teaspoon of Vivix (my secret to looking 10 years younger) . Put in the blender and it is done. I am not hungry until noon! This is also easy on the body.

Shaklee help:

EZ Gest: taken with meals is very effective. It contains enzymes for all the food groups, when you look at other products they handle lactose (milk) or beans. This will handle all the major food groups, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Stomach Soothing Complex : It contains peppermint, ginger, anise, fennel — all fabulous for good digestion and relieves gas pains. It works within 20 minutes. It is also good for prevention of stress digestive issues.


Stress causes a lot of aches and pains from constant tension (back aches, headaches) The Stress response puts the muscles on high alert to get ready to fight or flee. This happens from the release of cortisol.

What to do? Teach your body not to react. Instead of jumping out of bed and looking at your to-do list, set 20 minutes aside to breathe and stretch. Deep breathing will teach the body to physically respond with less tension. Shallow breathing causes the body to respond with tension, deep breathing tells the body to relax.

Shaklee help:

1. Take Shaklee’s Stress Relief:   complex everyday. Stress can take you by surprise, and this formula is amazing. The first thing it does is it reduce the body’s’ response to stress by reducing the release of cortisol. It relaxes the body. Second, it enhances the body’s ability to deal with stress with an herb called ;. This is an Indian herb called an adaptogen.

2. NutriferonTake an immune booster like Nutriferon. Stress shuts down the immune system. We are bombarded with people and their germs every minute, so take two per day to boost your body’s ability to defend against colds and flu. I can personally can attest to this keeping me from colds and flu while traveling the NYC subways everyday!


The release of cortisol (caused by constant stress in our lives) encourages the body to store fat around our middle.

This is always a challenge. So go on another diet, right? NO! With dieting, people lose a 40% of the weight in muscle. Muscle is what fuels the metabolism that can burn the fat around the middle. To the rescue is an amino acid called leucine that helps burn the type of fat we have around the middle. The best way to get leucine is in a combination the way the Shaklee 180 Smoothees and Snack Bars are designed.

This is why people on the Shaklee 180 Program look thinner when they only lose a few pounds. Their metabolism is enhanced and lean muscle is maintained!

Here is a short Youtube video explaining why using this program is so effective.

Ready to go on vacation and want to lose 10 pounds? Contact me and I can show you how to do it, help you whittle your middle, and kiss stress goodbye!

Live Life With Zest,


Happy Valentines Day from my heart to your strong healthy heart!

ladderThe human heart is one hard-working muscle – even though it is actually no bigger than your fist! It is one tough muscle that beats over 100,000 times every day.

We tend to take it’s hard work for granted but once your blood pressure starts to increase and your cholesterol numbers are off, it is crucial to not to take your ticker for granted.  We talked about the ladder of health last time and how our health will change if we don’t take action. So, from high blood pressure or high cholesterol, your risk for heart attack or a stroke increases and you move to illness. We tend to think this can only happen to someone else!

What’s worse, heart attacks and strokes are the number two cause of death, and someone dies from heart disease every 7 minutes!


Here are some fabulous natural approaches with regimes specifically for prevention.

OmegGuard – a complete omega 3 fatty acid that supports

CoQheartTaking Statins decreases this important energy enzyme, as does age, so it is important to take daily. Cinical tests proved Shaklee’s delivered 33 to 500% more than other brands!

Cholesterol Reduction Complex – lowers cholesterol naturally without side effects

Garlic Complex – promotes cardiovascular health by retaining normal blood pressure and cholesterol

This regime supports healthy flexible blood vessels so your blood pressure doesn’t increase and your heart doesn’t have to work so hard

SPECIAL: both combinations are currently 30% off from Shaklee with any order! Also, enjoy free shipping for orders over $75. This offer is on until February 16th.

When it comes to your heart be true by your daily actions:

1. Strengthen your heart muscle with both cardio and strength training. When you exercise know your target range. Take 220 and subtract your age age=_______ multiply that times 60 and that equals 85%% of your maximum heart rate. Read more here.

2. Strive for your ideal weight to lessen the strain on the heart. The Shaklee 180 program is fabulous for helping you lose the fat – NOT MUSCLE – (as in heart)

3. Eat to reduce inflammation, which strains the blood vessels, so try adding more veggies to your lunch and dinner.

4. Find balance and joy in your work and private life. Do you LOVE what you do? Do you have support in your private life? Be true to your heart’s desire.

Be true to you heart and I wish Much Joy this Valenties Day!

Live Life With Zest,

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Screenshot 2015-01-21 14.39.13We all are excited about what we want to change for the new year. I often hear, “This is the year, I am going to lose those last 10 pounds,” “I’ll look so good on the beach when I go to Cancun or Puerto Rico in March,” Or “I’m going to lose weight for a wedding or bar mitzvah. I will be so happy to see so-and-so with this new bod!”

However, if you don’t choose the right diet approach, you could find yourself sliding downwards instead of climbing the ladder. So many diet approaches give you short-lived results.

There are many important benefits to choosing a program that is ultimately about building health, not just weight loss. Here are the three important stages we experience as we move up the ladder of rebuilding our health:


When you start climbing the ladder to optimum health, you’ll notice that many of your body complaints are dissipating. Whether it’s fatigue, aches and pains, sleep issues, or digestive issues, these can start to reverse within three days to three months.

The smoothees and supplements in the Shaklee 180 program strategically improve the health of your cells, which improves symptoms.


It’s not just about losing weight – you will be rebuilding at a cellular level to boost your immune system, balance your blood sugar, strengthen your cardiovascular system and more. This occurs within three months to three years. You’ll be treating the cause of your health problems, not just the symptoms like so many other programs do.

The Shaklee Vitalizer helps the process of rebuilding and repair.



Imagine that you are in a room full of people and one of them has the flu. Some of the others in the room catch the flu and some do not. Why is that?

When you have built resistance, you will be more able to fight off both common illnesses and major diseases. Your cells are rebuilding and repairing, functioning better, and you’re climbing the ladder to optimum health.

Optimum Health

When you’ve reached optimum health, you’ll feel as good as you can feel, each and every day.

Maintaining your ideal weight is easier at optimum health. Weight loss is about so much more than cutting calories and tracking the number on the scale. It’s about your body having consistent nutrition so that it can balance itself out and rebuild, which brings you to optimum health. That’s what the Shaklee 180 program is all about – losing the right kind of weight (fat, not muscle) while gaining optimum health.

Until March, we have a bunch of specials going on. One is by using the Shaklee App, you qualify to win prizes every week! The second is a weight loss challenge with a top prize of $500. The third is a “Healthy Competition” where you will be flown to San Francisco, and you can star in your own photo shoot! See the video from last year’s competition:

Healthy Competition Winners: January 2014 from Shaklee Corporation on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in any of these specials, the clock is ticking! Ask me today how to get started.

Live Life With Zest,

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