So, its 20 degrees here in NYC. It is freezing!  Here are some quick tips to stay healthy, warm and on-track!


1. Warm up your Smoothee

Add one scoop Shaklee 180 Café Latte and one scoop Shaklee 180 Chocolate to eight ounces of warmed up almond, soy or regular milk - yummy!

Here are some other recipes

What does a Shaklee 180 Smoothee have to do with your immune system?  30% of women do not get enough protein, and that can seriously affect your immune system. Additionally, the smoothee helps you retain lean muscle mass.  More muscle burns fuel and warms up the body on chilly days!

2. Invest time in your food prep once a week

Make one new soup or entree a week. Freeze the rest. At the end of the month. You’ll have four new favorite dishes! It is important to invest time and thought in your nutrition. It is also fun! Here is a quick and easy Sweet Potato and Sausage Soup to warm you up (hint: you can use chicken or turkey sausage).

3. Take an immune booster

Try Nutriferon. Your body has to work harder to keep your immune system strong in the cold weather! And if you feel a cold coming on, Defend and Resist will help you knock it out.

4. Use supplements to fire up the body

B-complex - The energy will get you and your body moving.

Corenergy - Supports the Adrenal glands to help you fight your challenges for the new day (the Adrenal Gland is the fight or flight gland).

Energy Chews - Convenient chewy supplement with green tea to spark energy in your body!

With the busy holiday season approaching and the temperatures dropping, it’s important to stay warm, healthy and happy! Use these tips to help you power through and still look and feel amazing.

Live Life With Zest,




Give the gift of health this holiday season! Ask me about gift certificates, and great products that your friends and family will love.

Do you want to improve cognitive performance? Shaklee’s exclusive new formula called Mind Works is clinically proven to do just that in healthy adults. Shaklee selected a special guarana extract that enhances memory, sharpens focus and improves reaction time. Who can’t use that?

Check out this fascinating video about your brain:

Did You Know?
1. Your brain consists of 100 billion neurons. There are anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 synapses for each neuron. These synapses are what give us memory, reaction time and focus! This only happens through synapses. It reminds me of the old phone system where to connect your call, they had to plug into the switchboard! lily.tomlin.switchboard.operator

2. Age-related mental decline can start as early as age 20, when our brains begin to shrink. We are not losing brain cells but we’re starting to lose connections between the brain cells. This decline accelerates with age, so that by age 60 our brains are slower and learning new things becomes more difficult.

3. But check this out: according to Dr. Laurel Fisher, PH.D., an MIT trained neuroscientist, those neural connections are dynamic and lifestyle choices make a huge difference. This includes the right nutrients, and regular physical and mental exercise.

4. Consider this: There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the brain with the equivalent of three full soda cans of blood flowing through them every minute. Supporting the circulation of blood in the brain will help preserve synapses between neurons.

As you can see, circulation is extremely important! You don’t have to accept the fact that with age comes significant mental decline. With Mind Works, you’re increasing circulation and keeping the switchboard running smoothly!

Live Life With Zest,


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Thursday, November 11th for a webinar to learn ways to limit sweets this holiday season and lose seven pounds!


  • Take the 28-Day Challenge: Lose 5 to 7 pounds, starting October 27 – November 21
  • Slim Meet/Smoothie-Tasting:  “How to Navigate the Sweet Season”

            When and Where:  October 16 at 6:00 pm,  in So Ho, Manhattan, 132 Crosby Street

  •  Can’t make the Slim Meet?  Join us at a Webinar:  October 23 at 8:00 pm

“How to Navigate the Sweet Season”   AT: Join.Me/zestylifenyc

RSVP: diana@zestylifenyc.com for both the tasting and webinar

Are you worried about overeating or gaining weight during the coming holidays? Do you get trapped in the sugar zone? Would you like to learn how to easily navigate the sweet season? How about getting a jumpstart and participate in a 28-day challenge?  Start the season with weight loss and look great for the holidays.

We can gain an average of 5-8 pounds from Halloween to New Years and some people never lose it! Year after year this adds up until more than half of us are overweight or obese.

To avoid the Sugar Danger Zone during the upcoming holidays, take these 5 steps:

  • Find Out Your BMI. Are you overweight? It is important to have a parameter to begin. For adults, overweight and obesity ranges are measured by using weight and height to compute the person’s BMI. The BMI is used because, for most people, it correlates with the amount of fat in their bodies. An online tool for gauging the BMIs of adults can be found at http://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/assessing/bmi/adult_BMI/english_bmi_calculator/bmi_calculator.html
  • Increase Your Activity in General. Take the stairs instead of the elevators. Go out for a walk in the evening with your kids or spouses, great time spent with the ones you love. Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to skimp on your holiday routine, especially workouts with resistance. When you build muscle you increase your metabolism and you aren’t as prone to energy slumps. More muscle also means less sugar cravings because your body doesn’t need as much insulin (fat hormone) to use the sugar. You will also look trimmer, which is great for those holiday parties.
  • Control Portions. This is a learning habit for everyday eating. Think about, “do I need that second plate of stuffing or piece of pie?” “How important is this toward my long-term energy level and how I look?” I remember feeling so stuffed that I would fall asleep in a chair and not enjoy the people I had not seen all year! A good trick is don’t go to the holiday table extremely hungry, have a healthy snack an hour before so your food choices are based on ‘sanity’. I love a Shaklee 180 Smoothee for this – I feel full of energy and ready to enjoy food two hours later. My favorite is the Mango-flavored Shaklee 180 Smoothee. I recommend a “Metabolic Boost” with it, to balance my blood sugar (Banaba Extract) and green tea extract to increase energy. Here’s my go-to recipe!

Mango Coconut Banana Smoothie
2 Scoops Shaklee 180 Mango Smoothie mix, 1/2 banana,
1/4 tsp. coconut extract or 1 Tbsp of real coconut flakes
8 ounces milk (soy, rice, almond) Blend with ice.

  • Chew 100 Times. Studies show that people who chew 100 bites have a better and more ideal weight. It takes the stomach 20 minutes to register that you are full. At the holiday table or at parties enjoy the conversation, eat slowly, and savor the moments with people as much as the food.
  • Take the 28-Day Challenge. Here’s a game plan for you…participate in the 28-Day Challenge, where your goal is to lose those 5 to 7 pounds. The challenge will keep your vision clear with another objective in mind, not be swayed by every party and event. Tell your friends you are doing it and find friend that will help keep you on track.

To start on the 28-Day Challenge, come to our Slim Meet on October 16th or sign up for our Just 7-Pounds Webinar(alias: How to Navigate the Sweet Season) on October 23rd. For more information, visit our event calendar.

Or if you can’t wait, start today and get FREE shipping on orders over $75. (Expires October 15th)

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FREE Shipping for Orders over $75.00
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Is the change of season causing you stress? Today I spoke with my UPS gentleman about stress and the change of season. Back to school, which means schedules change; weather becomes unpredictable, and not so many sunny days. For parents, like my carrier, added expenses like school uniforms, books, activities on top of tuition, which causes additional stress. However, when I asked him if he’s stressed, he simply says “no problem”. But stress is damaging the body whether we acknowledge it or not. So this season, tackle stress with these 3 simple tactics:

Improve Your Knowledge of When You are Stressed
Biodots, skin thermometers to measure your stress level, are a way to see when stress is indeed chemically affecting your body. They can help you become aware of how many times you are stressed throughout your day.

Each time you have stress, your heart rate and breathing speed up, muscles tighten, blood pressure goes up, and digestion shuts down so we don’t have the digestive enzymes we need. Our thinking becomes more focused and we operate on the “fight or flight channel”. (Sympathetic Nervous system)

Our other channel is the “rest and digest channel” (Parasympathetic Nervous System). Both are important but most of us have our feet on the pedal on the medal and we are constantly experiencing physical burn out making fatigue the number one reason people are going to the doctors. In addition, two thirds of us are overweight which means the body is out of balance. Overweight and depression is on the rise as well as life threatening illnesses like heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

Is it all in your head? I hear many people say I have stress but I have it under control. Whether you have it “under control” or not, stress is wreaking havoc on all systems and it will show up unless you are the man or women of steel.

Strategize Your Diet and Supplement Program
DIET: Keep your blood sugar balanced by eating a breakfast with 24 grams of protein, like a Shaklee 180 Smoothee. It will give you sustained energy! Eat 5 small meals/day with protein and carbs together. Research shows that people who do this eat fewer calories during the day and pounds won’t creep up on you. Reduce sugar in your diet. Did you know that the average person eats 22 teaspoons a day of sugar, equivalent to 250 calories, mostly found in processed foods. Eating that everyday will put the pounds on. The American Heart Association recommends 6 teaspoons a day. Start by eliminating processed foods that are high in sugar like cereal, salad dressings, and bread. If sugar is one of the first 3 ingredients, it is 50% sugar.

SUPPLEMENTS:  We burn through nutrients under stress.
Replenish your nutrients with:

  • B-Complex: The “stress vitamins” often recommended for depression, PMS, mood swings, irritability, nervousness, fatigue, mental confusion, sugar cravings, hypoglycemia, anxiety attacks, cracks on the corner of your mouth, low immunity and hair loss. B vitamins are depleted by sugar, alcohol, mental and physical stress, processed foods, and caffeine. Essential to normal weight, B vitamins convert food to energy and during weight loss, fats to energy.
  • Sustained Release Vita-C: Lost under stress, it is an antioxidant that offers protection from colds, viruses and infection AND many of us do not get enough vitamin C from our diet.
  • Optiflora: Because “bad” bacteria in our intestine can cause excess gas & bloating, weaken our immune system (COLDS AND FLU), and increase our risk of cancer. Stress reduces our good bacteria leaving us open to infection from viruses. Optiflora prevents those problems by providing a regular source of “good” bacteria, which crowd the “bad” bacteria out of our system.
  • Essential Omega-3 Complex: Because studies have shown that populations that consume fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids have a very low risk of heart attack and stroke AND clinical studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids reduce at least three of the major risk factors associated with heart disease. It is also known to improve your mood. Did you know our brain is composed of good fat? Many physicians and therapist recommend fish oil for depression.

Unsure of what to take from above? Vitalizer is a comprehensive program which addresses the lack of nutrients we lose while being stressed. In additions it has an unparalleled delivery system. The right nutrient goes to the right place at the right time. Many of my clients notice this improvement in their daily stamina and tolerance for stress.

If you are still confused which supplements will work best for you, sign up for our Wellness Profile Program. Fill out our assessment form of clusters of symptoms and we recommend a program specifically for you. We determine your areas of concerns like digestion, sugar issues, and adrenal fatigue, which is a result of stress. In addition, you will learn which foods to add to fill in the nutritional gap.

Wellness Profile: $125.00 – Biodots Included in Consultation

Eliminate the Stress in Your Head
Teach the body to eliminate stress with a simple breathing practice. Alternate Nose Breathing exercises balances the right and left brain, and regular practice can teach the body not to overreact to each stressful event.

My favorite balance exercise is Qigong, a Chinese health practice based on gentle movements, meditation and breathing. It is a good practice to teach the body to respond less, plus builds strength, balance and increases energy.

Reduce the impact of stress by starting with a balanced nutritional plan supplemented with vitamins. Adopt a breathing routine and add a QiGong practice to bring mind and body peace.
In the meantime, live life with Zest!
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laughing 4

This fall we are offering many new products! This is a good time for a re-evaluation.


Here is a service I can offer you.

Sign up for Your Wellness Profile!


Have you ever gone to the doctor’s office because you are always tired, achy, or having trouble sleeping? The doctor does blood work, and the good and bad news is that nothing shows up.

Many symptoms can fall short on the radar, but a comprehensive Wellness Profile can help find where the gap is. Dr. Lee Coyne, a specialist in symptomatology, developed a questionnaire called The Wellness Profile.

It takes into account your symptoms and compares them against a pattern of specific vitamin deficiencies, which helps to determine what nutrients your cells may be missing.

Your responses are used to create a customized supplement program to reduce or alleviate your health issues AND reboot your body!

In addition, you’ll receive recommendations for specific nutrient-rich foods that will help with nutritional deficiencies.

Whether you desire to feel GREAT or believe you may have acid reflux, hormone issues, fatigue, excess weight, pre-diabetes, candida, or adrenal fatigue, a SPECIFIC program TAILORED TO YOU can help you.

Get your Wellness Profile today for just $125.00 + get a FREE bottle of Shaklee’s Vita-D3, because everyone needs their sunshine vitamins! (Offer expires September 30th.)

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My group and I getting pumped for next year’s trip to Maui!

On my recent trip to Long Beach to attend the Shaklee International Conference, I was inspired and reconnected with my wonderful colleagues.  I learned new ways to grow my business, listen to amazing successful entrepreneurial stories, and heard the CEO talk passionately about the Shaklee Effect! And let me tell you, the future looks very bright!

This year, Shaklee introduced four new, exciting products: MindWorksVitalized ImmunityBlood Pressure, and Vitalize Protein.

So what are these products?

  • Do I want my brain back? MindWorks creates clarity immediately.
  • Do you want a fizzy to nip that cold in the butt? Vitalized Immunity will take care of that cold!
  • Are you tired of running out of steam? Vitalize Protein for breakfast will give you energy well into the afternoon.
  • Do you have the blood pressure blues? Try a natural approach to the problem with Shaklee Blood Pressure.

I love the fact that I offer people these and other natural solutions to everyday ailments that over time can become life threatening. Propel by success stories and my own successful health achievements, I am currently looking for my next business partner in this great venture. I’m looking for someone who is entrepreneurial, has sales/marketing experience, is a goal getter, a team player, and doesn’t mind learning new skills. In return, while qualifying, will earn considerable income along the way.

So time is of the essence because we are NOW offering an all-paid, first-class expense trip to Maui, for all qualifying participants.

To learn more about the products or better yet, to become part of the Shaklee Effect, you can reach me at diana@zestylifenyc.com.

Live life with Zest,


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I have been thinking about the smoothie craze. People ask me if they are good or bad? Or what is my favorite one? All fruit? All vegetable? They want to know my opinion, which ones are good and what may be missing from theirs.

I tell people when they start looking into purchasing smoothie, they should find out how much protein, fiber, carbs and leucine it contains and make it count.  

One example of a guaranteed supply of essential nutrients in a convenient form on a consistent basis is the Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothees. One Shaklee Smoothee’s nutrients consists of:

  • Protein: 4 eggs-foundation of health
  • Fiber: like in 1 cup of broccoli, 1 cup of cauliflower and 1 cup of pineapple, colon health, both kinds of fiber
  • Calcium: 2 cups of milk
  • Vitamin D: 10oz of tuna
  • Leucine protein: 5oz of chicken breast-preserve lean muscle

If you were to buy this at your local store, you would spend approximately $21.00 vs. the $2.93 one serving of a Shaklee Smoothee cost. I don’t know about you, but that’s a HEALTHY BARGIN! 

A study conducted by the South Shore YMCA analyzed two groups who worked out and ate the same diet. However, the group who took the Shaklee Smoothee with the Vitalizer supplements once a day, lost 25% more fat and gained 50% more muscle than the other group.

So is not only a HEALTHY BARGIN, but it’s also gives you a HEALTHY BODY! 

So today, and everyday, have a peace of mind knowing you are getting a guaranteed supply of essential nutrients in a convenient form on a consistent basis. 

Live life with Zest, 


Order TWO Shaklee 180 Smoothees and get 10% Off
Offer ends August 31st

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