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Slim young woman measuring her thin waist with a tape measure close up ** Note: Shallow depth of field

What causes that extra padding around your middle beyond calories?

  1. Insulin Resistance. Eating the high carb diet that most of us eat (including alcohol and sugar) for just a few years, the body has learned not to respond to insulin. So the blood sugar level rises and quickly converts to fat. The belly is the best place to store that fat.
  2. Adrenal Fatigue. Due to the fact that we are under constant stress, our bodies are releasing cortisol and adrenaline that signals the body to release sugar for fighting or fleeing. Since we don’t live in a world where we use that sugar (our true fight or flight response is rarely activated), that sugar gets stored as fat.

These are the best ways to whittle your middle:

  1. Eat foods or drink shakes that are balanced. That keeps our blood sugar levels even (no need for insulin) and we avoid cravings. It can be a balanced meal or snack (like a food or whole food supplement). Balanced means eating a combination of protein (builders), carbohydrates (quick energy) and fats (good for skin, hair nails, hormones) in a ratio that gives us immediate and sustained energy, so sugar levels don’t rise (we won’t get cravings) and it won’t get stored as fat.Shaklee’s Life Plan Shake, Shaklee 180 meal in a bar and Shaklee 180 snack bars are balanced and will keep your insulin working for you!I am offering a class to help you use food, supplements, exercise and positive thinking to balance your body.
  1. Exercise in a way to build muscle. Weight training, yoga, and interval training can build muscle. Muscle takes up less space so you look leaner as the scale numbers go down. More muscle means more energy and higher metabolism. Here’s a bonus: Shaklee’s Life Plan shakes contain the amino acid leucine that helps retain and build muscle. Clients are so encouraged when they look thinner sooner with these shakes and Shaklee 180 Program. The news is all good with insulin too! The more muscle you have, the less you need to release insulin.
  1. Find ways to reduce your stress level and cortisone levels. By reducing cortisol levels you are effecting how your body stores fat. Shaklee has a 30 minute Stress Relief herbal supplement to minimize the stress burden on the body. It contains Ashwaganda (a body balancer), L-theanine (to stay relaxed and alert), Beta-Sitosterol (which reduces cortisone levels).Meditation, yoga or Chi Kung, for 20 minutes daily also teaches you how not to live your life with your foot constantly on the accelerator!
  1. Build healthy gut flora. Studies show that gut flora plays a large role in weight control. Populating your gut with healthy bacteria helps with digestion and metabolizing your food. Shaklee’s Life Plan shake is a meal, plus it contains pre and post biotic (which help with digestion and metabolism).Shaklee’s Optiflora pre and post biotic is a system that builds gut flora. What makes this system unique is the little pearl in the system, which is triple encapsulated. The bacteria numbers stay intact as it passes through the stomach and small intestine and gets released in the large intestine.The new Fresh Start Cleanse is a program will help you build you digestive flora with specific foods and supplements.
  1. Get a metabolic boost. The ingredients in Shaklee’s Metabolic Boost contain ingredients to help with Insulin Resistance (which reduces cravings and helps release energy) as well as EGCG, which is commonly found in green tea and is known to increase calorie burning. Shaklee 180 Energy Tea also contains calorie-burning EGCG to increase metabolism and give you a boost of energy!

Knowledge is power! We have products that have been scientifically proven to work. Shaklee weight loss participant’s have lost over 3 million pounds! I am offering a fabulous program with 20 years of research that can be accomplished individually, in our group or in person in a 6-week Fresh Start/Foods Rule program.


I have 28 years of experience in helping people re-commit to their health goals And reclaim your optimal health.

It is your time to own your health, let me help you! Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.55.46 PM

I also recently discovered this awesome company called Bring the Gym to Me. With a network of over 500 fitness instructors, they will match you with a personal trainer or fitness instructor that is perfect for you. With classes like Yoga, Pilates or one on one training. The best part, is that the trainer comes straight to your home(!) with workouts scheduled and customized to suit your needs. Check them out at http://www.bringthegymtome.com.

Email or call/text to find out what will work for you. diana@zestylifenyc.com or 216-526-5496.

Live Life With Zest,



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I am passionate about coaching people to achieve amazing health with Shaklee products for 28 years. The program I used when I began, healed my health and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!  The products continue to support my zesty lifestyle so I can feel great, look younger and add life to my years. It was a natural progression for me to shift to showing people how to start their own Shaklee businesses so more people could experience the gifts I received, amazing health and being financially strong.


I wanted to share these stories. They are from real people who spoke at the Shaklee regional event last weekend. Real people with life changing stories. I was amazed by how significant problems in their lives were truly turned around.

Fibromyalgia:  One young woman was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in her teens, she was a competitive gymnast with an incredible story of pain and disappointments.

Taking Shaklee supplements, helped get her health back, and now in her 30’s was recently kettle ball champion and she is now in the midst of making a movie about her struggle with fibromyalgia. How inspiring!

Autism: A mother of 3 had one daughter who was initially diagnosed with severe autism. A friend introduced her to Shaklee supplements and cleaning products. Several years later, her daughter is now only considered mildly autistic. The mother was so inspired she decided to became a naturopath and incorporated recommending Shaklee products in her practice.

Weight Loss: This story is about a trainer who had an impressive weight loss story with the Shaklee weight loss program. He was thrilled and decided to offer Shaklee products to his clients. He kept track of how much weight people lost with the program or with food alone over a 3 year period.  Food alone – 40 pounds cumulatively and those who added Shaklee to the food program lost 2,040 pounds!

Are you tired of feeling lousy? Want to look and feel younger? Let’s make 2016 your best year ever. I would love to be your guide.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.24.17 PMThe Vitalizing Plan kit is a perfect way to get started. We can also personalize it and make it your own program based on a health assessment. Email to tell me how I can help you. diana@zestylifenyc.com.

Fresh Start Cleansing Program- Food Rules! 2016 Workshop (1)

95% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February 14th. Now is the time to learn the rules to get the results you want, more energy, enhanced concentration, laser focus, great digestion, sustained weight loss…and to be part of the 5% who are successful!

Click here to sign up for the 7 week class today. It begins on Wednesday, February 17, 2016.

The first class is an overview of what you will accomplish during the following 6 weeks and is free to attend. Sign up for the entire program by January 31, 2016 to get significant discount. The class is held in a convenient location midtown NYC.

How can I help you have an amazing 2016? E-mail me to tell me how I can help! diana@zestylifenyc.com

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The holiday rush is over. School has started again (feels like school again) and it’s time to get back on track.

I must admit, I did burn the holiday candles at both ends and I feel I need a healthy boost AND rejuvenation!

That can only take place with a nutrition dense, food loving program, positive thinking and fun exercise program.

I’m ready for a Fresh Start! How about you? No excuses…


I am offering and a fabulous program that is new, called Fresh Start. The program is for 6 weeks. Week one is the Cleansing Fresh Start Program.  You will feel the increase in energy within a few days, mental clarity and lose a few pounds.

The remaining 5 weeks is the rejuvenation part of the program. Support and information will be via a private Facebook Group that will start January 11th.

I am hosting a webinar to talk about the program on Wednesday, January 6 at 8p or Thursday, January 7th at 11:30 am. If you’d like to attend RSVP and I will send you an invite.

Or  Schedule a brief phone consultation to see if this is for you, call or text 216-526-5496.

No regrets for 2016!

Live Life With Zest,



Hot apple cider traditional winter season drink with cinnamon an


“It’s just what I do this time of year,” is what I hear often as a health coach. Yet year after year, pounds accumulate and we feel sick, tired, and disappointed as we approach a New Year with those 5-10 extra pounds.

Understanding habits is a great way to pinpoint what we are doing to sabotage ourselves. Brad Lamm in his book “Just 10 Pounds” describes 6 Eating Habit Styles. Maybe you will recognize yourself in one or two of them.

Then for each one I will give a strategy to get you back on track. Don’t’ worry if you identify with more than one.  If you’d like to take the quiz email me at diana@zestylifenyc.com.

  1. The Emotional Eater: In this style, a person uses food as comfort. We eat when we are happy, sad, or bored… and everything else!  The foods tend to be comfort foods:  like macaroni and cheese, meatballs and gravy, grilled cheese sandwiches, or cookies. Can you relate?

The problem occurs when you notice you are gaining weight and not feeling good about it.

Tip:  Become aware of what  foods you reach for and how many calories the foods contain. Either replace them with foods that have less calories (low fat cheese) or eat a smaller portion size.  For a grilled cheese sandwich, have half a grilled cheese for half the calories.  To lose one pound of fat, we have to eat 3,500 calories less (or burn it off with exercise).

  1. The Habitual Eater: This is a person who is good with structure and sticks with it until they have an emotional  trigger.  They are not flexible when problems arise, like with time restraints and responsibilities and do things like skipping meals, eating fast foods, or they eat that brownie everyday at 4pm.

Tip: Take an organized approach to meal planning. Use a guide like portion control. Imagine a hand as a way to do meal and snack planning.  My clients love this. It gives them a visual to plan their weekly food.  For example, a fist is one cup or 200 calories of pasta or rice. On a 1500 calorie diet, you are allowed one fist per meal. So make a pan of rice and divide it into 5 portions in the refrigerator for the week. You can do the same for protein like chicken. The palm of the hand is 3 ounces or 150 calories.

  1. The External Eater:  External  cues are all around us in NYC, restaurants, windows, grocery stores and at holiday party settings. It can be difficult to say no. Since the external eater is visual, take a few moments each day to visualize yourself in that little black dress or your favorite slacks. What weight do you want to be? Weekly, keep track of those numbers.

Tip: When you go to a holiday party, decide ahead of time to pick foods that will support your desire to keep slim. It’s a habit! When at a party pick vegetables, eat fruits and protein (cheese, hummus) that  will keep you fuller longer. If you are full you are less likely to be tempted.

  1. The Critical Eater: This person is knowledgeable about dieting and exercise but can become obsessive about dieting rules. It is all or nothing thinking. They have forgotten how to enjoy food and are very hard on themselves if they make a mistake.

Tip:  Focus on what foods you want to enjoy and take the focus off “bad” foods. Enjoy cooking, even if just once a week cook a dish that is healthy but tasty. It could be for friends. Find the joy in healthy cooking and eating with friends.

Here is a good resource for “good-looking”, healthy, and delicious foods. I use a lot of their recipes.

  1. The Sensual Eater: Is the person who really appreciates food and loves every bite and does not say no.  They enjoy every bit of pasta, lobster, and sauces.  This can really add calories and weight.

Tip: At a restaurant, share a meal.  After every bite, drink a glass of water to reduce the addictiveness of the flavors. Begin to shift to cooking that will give you a broader range of tastes.  Soups are a fabulous example. Add 3 or more vegetables, broth, chicken or tofu and some pasta with herbs like sage and tarragon.  Flavorful, and you are creating a broader range of flavors for the taste buds.

  1. The Energy Eater: Is the person who listens to their hunger and feeds the body as necessary. But many people reach for more fast acting carbohydrates like breads, crackers, and granola bars which cause more hunger (because of an insulin spike)  and they tend to unknowingly eat too many calories.

Tip: Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Limit fast acting carbs, and emphasize slow carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, and non starchy grains (Quinoa). Stamina foods are protein and fats. Eat protein at every meal.  Protein can be nuts, low fat cheese, cottage cheese, tofu, rice and beans. Avocado is a fabulous fruit/fat for energy people. It will fill you up and is good source of the right kind of fat.

A great snack is 1/8 of an avocado  crush and spread over whole grain crackers.

It’s very important to start your day with a breakfast of 24 grams of protein. Your body has been fasting all night. I find smoothies to be an easy and convenient way to be sure to get the day off to a fabulous start and have fewer problems with cravings.

Set the stage for a fabulous New Year and new you with self knowledge and a shift in habits.  I always say, “Where there is a will, there is a waistline!”

NOW is the time to prepare for your healthy 2016! Contact me for details – the Fresh Start Cleansing program begins on January 11th.

E-mail diana@zestylifenyc.com

Call or text 216-526-5496

Fresh Start flyer

Live Life With Zest,

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The holiday theme of 2015 is Ageless!

The other day I was crossing Bowery Street with 2 armfuls of shopping bags. They were heavy and I could not bear to wait for the next light. I had five more seconds to cross and the oncoming cars were restless. I was running out of time when a 21 year old angel grabbed my arm so I would not get hit by an approaching car. As he let go of my arm when we reached the curb, he said “You are in better shape than I am.” He was out of breath. Not sure how old he thought I was. Really did not want to know!

But I got to thinking, how are we defining age? And that the best gifts are ones that last, the gift of looking and feeling young, so we can breathe easy while racing across streets…and no one has to know how old you are!

This holiday season, give the gift of health to all of the ageless beauties and gents in your life! Here are my top 12 picks:

Holiday Gift Guide (2)

 1. Vivix – Liquid or Liquigels

2. Enfuselle Anti-Aging Duo: Time Repair AMC + E Repair PM

3. Shaklee 10 Turnaround Kit – lose 10 lbs and 10 years!

4. Stress Relief Complex – Keep cool under stress!

5. Pump it up – Physique & Performance

6. Enfuselle Cleansing Gel & Balancing Moisturizer

7. Men’s After-Shave Duo: Enfuselle Hydrating Toner & Calming Complex

8. Get Clean Kit -avoid rashes from harsh chemical cleaners!

9. Basic H & Germ-Off Wipes – quick and easy clean!

10. Enfuselle Infusing Mineral Masque & Refining Polisher

11. Enfuselle Instant Firming Serum

12. Get Clean Water Pitcher – fresh water is the elixir of life!

For more holiday fun & gift ideas, please join me this Sunday, December 13th for my Holiday Brunch Open House! 

holiday brunch

Live Life With Zest,

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Now this looks like a happy crew! Well in this case looks are NOT deceiving. Looking at this picture puts a smile on my face. Especially since we will be spending Thanksgiving  together and I can expect it to be a festive and loving experience.

I have sadness thinking of who will not be there, my son Dan is in San Diego and I miss him. My father and step mom are in Texas with my sister, Linda. It never feels complete during the holidays without them.

What do you expect your holidays to be this year? Family gatherings can be a very mixed bag with weddings, new babies, divorces, illnesses, deaths and conflict. One of the secrets to dynamic health are fulfilling relationships. It is part of Nutrition for the soul, as John Maxwell, a prominent motivational speaker recently said on a podcast.  I feel so grateful to have these people in my life and I realize this year that being in gratitude enhances those relationships. In addition,  I love the fact that I have a business that I am a part of so many of your lives. The fact that you share your concerns and that I can help with tools that have changed the trajectory of my health and life.

So in the spirit of gratitude I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and Healthy Holiday season!

Today I’d like to say how grateful I am to have each of you in my life!


do what you love

Be sure to take advantage of these special holiday offers! Here are some of my favorite holiday savers:

  1. Stress Relief Complex: With holiday celebrations comes stress, high cortisol levels and weight gain. Sometimes we can’t avoid the stress but can avoid the damage with this product. As one client said: “It worked so quickly, I felt lighter and clearer.” Take one or 2 daily.
  1. Nutriferon: With everyone coughing and door knobs with germs in them, taking Nutriferon puts your immune system on the alert. One client had a cold coming on, aches and pains, runny nose. He took 2 and then 2 more, 2 hours later, rested that evening and his cold was gone!
  1. Vitalized Immunity is amazing since it is like drinking 16 oranges. It knocks that cold right out! One client says how she enjoys popping it into seltzer water. Pop, pop, fizz fizz…
  1. Chocolate Shaklee 180 Shake whisked into chocolate Soy milk on the stove is a delicious way to have a healthy and nutritious snack or meal, quick and convenient for the smart and savvy professional. Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.16.51 PM
  1. Germ Off: For quick and easy germicide and cleaners keep these wipes handy!
  1. Energy Chews: The Green tea lift in the chews is an excellent pick me up in the afternoon. Use what the Olympic athletes use for that boost and mental clarity!

Live Life With Zest,

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Special: Free shipping on all orders over $75. Offer ends November 15th. 

Did you know the number 1 cause of death in the US is heart disease? In addition to your blood work, keeping track of your blood pressure will tell you if stress is silently increasing your risk for heart disease.

aaaaaWhat impacts your BP? The experts say STRESS!

I came across some shocking news that I wanted to share. The PBS news hour reported that there is a significant increase in white middle aged Americans dying. The suggested reasons were are all stress related. The common thread was job loss in the manufacturing towns of the Midwest, Upstate New York area, Michigan and the extreme pressure this was putting on their lives.

It was shocking to realize that stress was killing these men and women. We know stress is part of everyone’s life. However, we don’t always pay attention. The problem is that the damage is silently occurring and the consequence can be a heart attack or a stroke. The first awareness can come when we go to the doctors and we are told our blood pressure is high.

What is high blood pressure? This occurs when the arteries cannot dilate accordingly when the heart is pumping blood. When you are under stress, the blood vessels constrict in certain areas, and dilate in others. We need more blood to our brain, for example so we can figure out how escape the threat. If we do not get that blood we are at risk for stroke.

What causes this? There is a genetic component. Mostly it is the lifestyle choices we make. What we eat, how we move and and how we deal with stress.

The 2015 recommendations for BP: 

For people over 60: 150/90

For those under 50: 140/90.

The top number is called systolic, which is when the heart pumps. The bottom number is called diastolic, which is when the heart relaxes and refills.

The life you save may be your own! Continual stress that is unchecked or ignored causes inflammation. Since we can’t get rid of stress, let’s focus on reducing inflammation. So how do you know you have inflammation?

Do you have aches and pain? Allergies, colds and flu too often, or need coffee to jumpstart your day? Just being alive creates inflammation, what accelerates the problem is our lifestyle choices. Here is how we reduce inflammation and keep our heart vessels healthy:

1. Get moving. Walking briskly for 30 minutes a day is great way to start. Yoga, gardening, dancing are other choices you can make. Do what you love! Regular exercise like this will lower BP and stress levels.

2. Improve your diet. Keep your blood sugar level balanced. Stress continually pumps blood sugar into your blood stream. Here is a graph that will help you know when to eat to keep your sugar levels even.

Of course what to eat is equally important: Experts say the Mediterranean diet. It contains a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats and will give you consistent energy, better mental clarity and mood.

3. Lose weight. Losing 10-20 pounds can make a huge difference on your blood pressure and general stress in the body. Extra weight increases inflammation. Shaklee’s Turnaround Program is the perfect program for the busy professional. Perfectly balanced shakes & meals keep inflammation low, so you will lose the right kind of weight (fat not muscle), so you look leaner sooner and most importantly, keep the weight off!

4. Get more sleep. Not getting enough sleep, 6-8 hours will help you gain weight because your appetite thermostat is off. You are still hungry after your eat. Sleep also helps get rid of the hormone cortisol. The more cortisol gets accumulated, the more inflammation there will be.

5. Supplement to support the blood vessels with a stressful life. Special products with ingredients you can’t get in your diet: b22067

Blood Pressure: contains beet powder, Quercetin and more to help keep blood healthy vessels healthy and open so the blood can flow freely.

CoQHeart with Q-Trol: increases energy in your cells, protects blood vessels from LDL damage

OmegaGuard: provides a full spectrum of 7 ultra-pure pharmaceutical grade omega 3 fatty acids. Helps blood vessel dilate, reduces triglyceride levels and improves mood.

The life you save may be your own. This is one condition that once you have a heart attack or stroke, it can have a devastating impact on the quality of your life. Take one step, do it for a month, another step for another month. What I do as a medical health coach is help people find a way to take that first step, have them be accountable and show how positive changes are not about taking away but giving yourself a better life!

PS: Please join me for a special event on Wednesday, November 18th.

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Live life with Zest,

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